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China Aviation Industry Corporation Chengfei Group

Products: Rock wool sandwich panel

Unit for use: China Aviation Industry Corporation Chengfei Group

Use of items: aircraft special parts spraying line

Use area: 4280 square meters

Supply units: Jiangsu Xinrunyang Energy Saving Technology Co., Ltd.

Delivery time: 2014.9

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Aviation Industry Chengdu Aircraft Industry (Group) Co., Ltd. was established in 1958 as a major base for the development, production and export of aviation weaponry and equipment in China. It is an important manufacturer of civil aircraft parts and components and a national key competitive enterprise.

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Aviation Industry In order to actively carry out the mission of "serving the country by air and boosting the military and enriching the people", Chengdu Aircraft Research and Development Co., Ltd. has developed and produced thousands of J-5, J-7, Fierce Dragon, and F-10 aircraft in the field of military aircraft. The F-10 aircraft won the title of " Progress Award Grand Prix; foreign military aircraft users of more than 10 countries. As for civil aircraft, it has undertaken the research and development of large aircraft C919, new regional airliner ARJ21 and large amphibious aircraft AG600 head with Chengfei Civil Aircraft Company. It is a world-class large-scale civilian aircraft supplier with accumulated production and delivery of civil aircraft Subcontracting products more than 10,000 copies. Vigorously develop unmanned aerial vehicles, jet business jet industry.

Aviation Industry Cheng Fei won the national "51" labor certificate, the national civilized unit, the national quality award, the national demonstration base of corporate culture, the national model workers home, China Enterprise Innovation Award and other honorary titles, is China's corporate image AAA units .

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