Fiberglass sandwich panel for Tongfang, Manufacturers, Wholesalers

Fiberglass sandwich panel for Tongfang

Products used: fiberglass sandwich panel

User: Tsinghua Tongfang

Use of items: plant facade maintenance system

Use area: 10533 square meters

Supply units: Jiangsu Xinrunyang Energy Saving Technology Co., Ltd.

Delivery time: 2014.9


Based on its own core technologies, Tsinghua Tongfang has created four major industries in information technology, energy and environment, applied nuclear electronics and biomedicine in full accordance with the capital operation capability.

In the information industry, Tsinghua Tongfang is committed to applying technological innovation and product development in the fields of information systems, computer systems and digital television systems and providing comprehensive solutions and packages for e-government, digital home, digital city, digital education and digital media industries equipment. At present, Tsinghua Tongfang already has the leading technical strength and market share in the fields of computer products, major industry informatization, digital educational resources and digital television.

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